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SwiftPass Announces Availability of QR code payments in FENDI and Carrefour Dubai
June 24, 2019

On 20th of June SwiftPass and Royal Cloud Pay successfully integrated and tested WeChat QR code payments in FENDI luxury brand shops and in Carrefour hypermarket chain in Dubai. This step should increase the number of purchases made by increasing number of Chinese tourists in UAE.

“The transaction speed impresses, installation of the WeChat QR code payments system has already reduced time spent on the cash-desk for a customers in almost 200 merchants and has increased handling capacity of the cash desks. While for the luxury brands it was important to get payments from Chinese customers, the main goal for merchants networks was to decrease service time on the cash desk. And this installation solves both of this problems. WeChat Payment together with SwiftPass integration solutions allows the system to work stable with a high speed to send transactions to UAE Bank institutions” said Rinat Ablet, COO at Royal Cloud Pay.

Positive Customer Impact

Many shops have already benefited from installing WeChat QR code payments with SwiftPass integration solutions in United Arabic Emirates. For example, among users of the company’s software in Dubai are Burj Khalifa, Ski Dubai, Omega, Rado, Tissot, Bvlgari, Chanel, Frey Wille and Lego, etc. In total almost 200 company’s added functionality to get payments through QR codes and that possibility allowed to increase sales to Chinese tourist in UAE. Recently committed installation of QR code payments in FENDI luxury brand shops and Carrefour’s merchants are expected to bring positive impact in growth of the company’s profit. Introduction of new payment methods is dictated by official data from Dubai Tourism Bureau of the United Arab Emirates - the number of Chinese tourists in Dubai reached 875 thousands in 2018, and the increment is over 12% to the same period of last year. With the implementation of the UAE’s visa police for Chinese citizens and the arrival of the World Expo in 2020, the number of Chinese tourists to Dubai will continue to increase substantially.

The question how to serve better Chinese tourists and receive local mobile payment has become the biggest demand of local merchants, especially in the direct and high-frequency consumer industries such as hotels, retail, catering, tourist attractions and so on. SwiftPass in cooperation with Royal Cloud Pay have successfully solved these questions in UAE.

SwiftPass Technologies Company Limited

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