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SwiftPass partners with China Merchants Bank to launch facial recognition payment
March 23, 2018

The rapid expansion of mobile payment changes the consumption habits. How to connect the in-store and online customers comes to be a problem.

SwiftPass, the provider of mobile payment solutions, recently launches the customized e-gift card system in 41 shopping malls, 7 shopping centers and 19 supermarkets of Chinese leading retailer MAOYE.

The e-gift card system integrates the functions of payment, sharing, online recharge, balance checking, promotion and distribution, which gives the customers the best experience possible. And it help the merchants reduce the cost of plastic gift cards and improve management efficiency.

The e-gift card holders can easily redeem gift cards by scan the QR code in store to buy the sale product, enjoy the discount etc.

MAOYE also unveils the concept of “Maoyueke”. All the MAOYE employee and customers can be its distributors with the function of distribution. This function developed by SwiftPass can help to track the real-time sale report and send the incentive to all the distributors.

Meanwhile, the sharing function of the e-gift cards on the social media Wechat should be an effective marketing tool to build MAOYE’s brand community and increase sales.

As the leading FinTech company in China, especially in the mobile payment industry, SwiftPass are serving more than 200 banks non-bank financial institutions globally with total mobile payment technology solutions, enabling banks to acquire and serve merchants around the world in the most efficient way.

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