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SwiftPass Take the Lead in Supporting China UnionPay, Tenpay and Other Institutions in QR Code Payment
April 2, 2018

China UnionPay, announced a partnership with Tenpay to start cooperation in WeChat QR code e-payments services on Sunday, April 1, 2018. And China UnionPay is ready to provide payment, clearing and settlement services for other institutions.

SwiftPass, the leading FinTech company in China, serves more than 200 banks and non-bank financial institutions globally with total mobile payment technology solutions.

After the release of the China central bank's policies at the end of 2017, the technical support team of SwiftPass is committed to the system docking of UnionPay and the institutions. On March 31, SwiftPass partner with China UnionPay, Tenpay and China Everbright Bank passed the production verification test successfully.

For now, SwiftPass and China UnionPay have completed the system docking, system debug and production verification. The banks and non banking institutions partner with SwiftPass will be the first batch that connect to the China UnionPay QR code payment system.

SwiftPass always provide the best technology and services in terms of stability and security. Meanwhile, by cooperating with UnionPay, SwiftPass will serve the merchants with more industry solutions and mobile payment services on the basis of UnionPay and any other QR code payment. It’s just a start for SwiftPass with UnionPay, for more release, please follow us!

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