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SwiftPass partners with China Merchants Bank to launch facial recognition payment
July 11, 2018

China Merchants Bank(CMB) has recently launched the facial recognition payment. It’s not only for CMB customers,but also supports UnionPay debit and credit cards of more than 20 other Banks. SwiftPass is one of the most importantfacial recognition payment technology service partners of China Merchants Bank.

Facial recognition technology was first introduced into Chinese banking industry as early as 2005, which was mainly used in login with face. Compared with facial login, facial recognition payment is much more difficult . Facial recognition payment puts higher demands on bank risk control ability. Moreover, facial recognition payment is processed via the public equipment and in open environment. The real scenario is complex and changeable. The CMB facial recognition payment adopts 3D face recognition technology and advanced face recognition algorithm. The camera automatically judges whether the collected face information is a photo or video, and only need 1 second to recognize the real users.

Now, customers can pay with their face via CMB App in the Zhiweiji restaurant and Illy coffee which located in Huawei Base. Customers who have already downloaded the App of CMB, linked their bank card and opened the payment function can experience it immediately.

The service allows customers to process their payment by facing the self-serve screens. It automatically recognize faces, then input an additional phone number verification for added security. The payment is completed, no QR code, no mobile phones!

The launch of CMB facial recognition payment indicates that the integration of artificial intelligence and payment has become the hot topic for the future of the payment industry. With the professional service and advanced payment technology, SwiftPass will continue to help our partners solve the pain points and difficulties, and bring a more convenient payment experience to people's lives.

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